Prague Airport Transfers in 2019 – Here’s What You Need to Know

Prague Airport Transfers in 2019 – Here’s What You Need to Know

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Prague is considered as the Paris of Eastern Europe. The city’s colorful baroque buildings, the old town square, the iconic Charles Bridge, its world known Astronomical clock, these are just a few of its many landmarks.

Its rich nightlife is another story, a magonet fr partygoers from all over the world with well-known DJs and music stars performing there on a regular basis. As expected, its airport is the main gateway to the city. Many of the international visitors arrive there first before heading to the city. The primary modes of airport transfers Prague include an airport bus, airport taxi, and welcome pickups.


The airport bus is by far the cheapest option, but like most cheap things, it has its own limitations. What that means is that there are no buses after 23.30 and until 4.15 in the morning, the ride can take almost an hour (depends which time of the day is), and it can be somewhat crowdy. Not to mention the fact that you are responsible for your own luggage. One way ticket to the city costs just 1.20€, but that’s the only good side of catching the bus.


The airport taxi is another alternative. There are taxis at almost any time of the day and the night, they are generally clean, and they can take you anywhere you like. The approximate price from the airport to the city center is around 27€ and it usually takes around half an hour.


Welcome pickups offer the same rates as the airport taxi, but with few more perks, you can’t get anywhere and from no one at that rate. For example, even if your flight is late, an English speaking driver will welcome you at your exit gateway. Also, the rate will remain the same as agreed when you completed your booking, no matter what. If asked, the driver can answer any questions you might had about the city, the people, the culture, anything related to it.